Fish Climbing Trees tells the story of how social enterprises tackle global issues such as poverty, child labour and the environment. The aim of the films is to share best practice, to help strengthen the social enterprise sector. Building on research conducted at the University of Glasgow, several ideas have emerged towards building stronger models.


Findings from over 80 interviews with prominent social enterprises and leading sector experts are revealed through a powerful format of storytelling and stunning imagery, directed by award winning photographer/ director David Boni.


The idea is not to provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, the films convey a real and honest portrayal of the key challenges, and successes of mission driven business in practice. The films communicate key lessons learned, portraying inspirational, and often ‘against all odds’ social enterprise experiences.


Promotion and distribution


Partner sponsors include PwC, NatWest, Social Enterprise NL, Social Enterprise UK and CEIS.


The films are released in September 2015 and distributed freely the world over and will be shown at conferences and events. Our aim is to widely share essential lessons learned and increase awareness, to help strengthen the social enterprise sector as a powerful means towards a better world.


If you are interested in screening the films at an event, or if you would like any other information about the films, contact melanie.vandevelde@bigtree.global, it will be great to hear from you!